Learn TOEIC Part 5



Learn TOEIC Part 5 (Incomplete Sentences) app is the easiest way to prepare the TOEIC Test.

◇) Characteristic
_ Has online dictionary, you can choose dictionary and touch any word to find meaning.
_ Has comment and explain section for each question. You can also view and comment.
_ Has Google Leaderboard, you can up your score and compare with everyone.
_ Include 1360 questions (Updating), you can share any question to anyone by the Google Share Function.
_ Compatible with all devices, special with tablet can use landscape or portrait orientation.
_ Easy to use and learn, have 4 Modes: Examination, Practice, Collection (all Quiz type), Challenge.

+) Examination Mode : from the total of the questions take out 10,25 or 40(user selection) questions to test. After testing is complete, the screen displays the “TOEIC SCORE ESTIMATE” based on the results of the Exam, right and wrong results for all questions, and displays the user’s choice and the answers to each question.

Calculation formula of Toeic Score Estimate
Ref URL and get Conversion Table : http://www.wie.ac.nz/TOEICconversion.htm
Calculation formula of Score column = (correct answers/ total questions) * 100
⇒ From Conversion Table and Score column get Reading score
Estimate Reading score and Listening score are equal.
⇒ Toeic score = Reading score * 2
Example: correct answers/ total questions = 25/40 -> TOEIC SCORE = 540

+) Practice Mode: All questions are displayed in numerical order, the user can choose any question to test. The question that has been tested will be noted.

+) Collection Mode: collection of favourite questions.

+) Challenge Mode: the questions are randomly displayed and you only have a right to choose. Number of correct answers is the number of score you get. You can up your score into the Google Leaderboard and compare scores with your friends.

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